Dr Thomas Lodi Inspiring Patient Story

Dr Thomas Lodi Inspiring Patient Story

This is my personal story of my mother that was a patient of Dr. Thomas Lodi as well as An Oasis Of Healing. My name is Russ Curran. I brought my mom to An Oasis Of Healing to be treated by Dr. Thomas Lodi and also his integrative alternative cancer therapies that take place at his recovery facility.

I wish to supply some background on my mother so you understand why we chose Dr. Thomas Lodi’s alternative cancer recovery center in Mesa, AZ. Back in 2000, my mother was identified with lung cancer and I was frightened because I was afraid of cancer and knew little about it.

As a result of that concern I had, and the concern my mom had and the rest of my family members, we unfortunately listened to her physicians and went through the conventional cut, burn and poison technique of treatment, better referred to as surgery, radiation and also chemotherapy.

The critical turning point for me back in 2000 and why I inevitably wound up at Dr. Lodi’s An Oasis Of Healing nine years later on, is the outcome of one straightforward question that I had actually asked my mom’s oncologist.

Understanding what my mom will go through with the chemo treatment, radiation as well as the surgical procedure to remove her lung, I asked him what we had to do in our home from a nutritional aspect to assist the rough protocols she was about to start, he stated, “nutrition has nothing to do with cancer”!

Wait a minute, what? And therein lies the problem with the entire system, the medical industry does not teach about health, they teach on “illness management”. That declaration by my mom’s oncologist launched me on my way to learn everything I could possibly learn regarding the body, just how cancer was created and how you can eliminate it.

I saw my mother undergo those terrible therapies with her losing her hair and throwing up and ending up being weaker every day it drove me to find out every little nugget of information that could aid her.

My mom made it through despite the treatments. Most individuals don’t recognize that chemotherapy and radiation are carcinogenic. Simply put, they can create cancer all on their own. Cancer cells have a high recurrence rate and I needed to be ready if she ever needed to battle it again.

All of my study brought me to Dr Thomas Lodi and An Oasis Of Healing. I knew precisely just what to do if cancer ever raised its ugly head once more.

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