Exercise And Cancer Treatments

Exercise And Cancer Treatments

Exercise and cancer treatments, will physical activity actually help the immune system do its job better while undergoing treatments?
Yes, exercise will boost and support the immune system.

We are not referencing hard core exercise like Cross Fit or training for marathons. What we are suggesting is more moderate exercise that will work the muscles and get your heart rate and blood pumping.

People with cancer have been advised by their doctors to greatly reduce or eliminate exercise. However, the most recent research reveals that physical activity is safe and improves a person with cancer’s quality of life over time.

Conversely, resting too much leads to weaker muscles, body functions start to break down, and range of motion is reduced. Major health care providers are now requesting that their patients become more active and exercise while undergoing cancer treatments.

There are many ways that physical activity can help a person during cancer treatments. Here are some of the benefits of exercise during cancer treatments.

Reduce fatigue
Reduce the risk of falling by improving balance
Reduce the risk of osteoporosis
Depression and anxiety are reduced
Heart disease risk is lowered
Blood circulation of the person is improved and blood clots risks are reduced
Self-esteem is greatly improved.

It’s a fact that exercise offers advantages for a person during cancer treatments. However, a person’s workout regimen needs to be safe and tailored for each individual.