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Ozone Treatment For Cancer | Ozone Therapy Near Me

Ozone Treatment For Cancer | Ozone Therapy Near Me

Ozone treatment for cancer works very well because it does two main things. The first major thing it does is increase the oxygenation of the blood. Cancer cells hate oxygen.

Oxygen is a poison to cancer whereas it is absolutely necessary for healthy cells to live. The second main thing ozone treatment for cancer does is put the presence of ozone into the white blood cells or immune system.

This causes the white blood cells to produce cytokines that help to kill cancer cells. This action helps to stimulate the immune system. Ozone increases oxygenation of the blood and stimulates the immune system, a powerful one-two punch.

Ozone therapy for cancer also upregulates cells which gives them the ability to engage in normal healthy cellular respiration rather than fermentation which is what cancer cells do.

There is another protocol we use in addition to this one that we learned from Dr. Kobayashi from Japan. What he has discovered biochemically is a very critical consequence where cancer causes the immune system to lose its ability to detect and fight cancer.

This is called immune surveillance. His protocol turns this back on, reversing what was happening and gives the immune system the ability to fight cancer.

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Alternative Medicine For Cancer Treatment

Alternative Medicine For Cancer Treatment

Alternative medicine for cancer treatment can consist of many different types of therapies. We are going to discuss intravenous vitamin c, intravenous B17, and intravenous artesunate.

If intravenous vitamin c is given in high even doses, it will challenge the cancer cells in such a way at a metabolic level where they are not able to respond. It just happens to be healthy for normal cells providing them with more water and oxygen which they need to function properly.

When vitamin c is given in high doses it becomes oxidative rather than an antioxidant. This therapy has been used for people dealing with cancer for the past 30-40 years all around the world.

Intravenous B17 is well known around the globe for helping people who are being treated for cancer. Cancer cells have a certain ratio of particular enzymes that are different from healthy cells.

When a healthy cell encounters B17, the toxin that can be produced is completely neutralized where the cancer cell does not have that ability, so it dies. This is the metabolic challenge that cancer can’t answer.

Artesunate comes from the wormwood tree and has been used in many ancient cultures for many healing disciplines. It has been used for treating malaria, parasites and many others.

The mechanism by which it works is iron. Artesunate is attracted to iron and when it gets close to it, it forms an oxide bridge and electrocutes it and kills it. This kills the parasite for malaria that lives in the red blood cell.

It is effective in fighting cancer because cancer needs a lot of iron to replicate and this alternative medicine for cancer treatment neutralizes the iron that cancer needs. This treatment also does no harm to normal healthy cells.


Vegan Ketogenic Diet For Cancer

Vegan Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

What is a vegan ketogenic diet for cancer and why is it important for our health? Also, is a ketogenic vegan diet proven scientifically?
People come to us and they’ll sit with us and ask us if we have any research, can we prove that what we do works?

Conversely, these same people never ask the doctors in the white coats at MD Anderson do you have proof on the cancer protocol who want to administer on me will work?

There is a lot of scientific evidence and proof that a vegan ketogenic diet works. If you really want to know the scientific proof of this diet, go purchase the book, “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” by Thomas Seyfried Ph.D.

Let’s talk about what this diet is. Keto stands for ketosis or ketones. We have fatty acids which is how we store energy. When they are broken down to be used for energy, they are broken down into three molecules called ketone bodies.

These three molecules are brought into the cells to be broken down even further to be used as fuel for the body. This works very well in storing energy and in point of fact, it actually stores twice as much energy as carbs.

Fasting is a ketogenic diet. The reason why you want to be on this diet to is produce ketones in order to be in a metabolic condition called ketosis. Water is the ultimate ketogenic diet.

Understanding this and knowing that cancer requires 19 times more glucose than a normal healthy diet, what if you don’t supply the cancer with any glucose? You would essentially starve the cancer cells as they can’t survive with glucose.

Now, eating a vegan ketogenic diet for cancer while being treated, will allow your strength to be maintained and boosted as you are getting the proper healthy fats for energy.

Is Soy Safe To Eat

Is Soy Safe To Eat

The question of is soy safe to eat has become a hot topic over the last few years. The answer to that question is, yes, soy is safe to eat. To put things into perspective, let’s look at people of Japan.

It is a well-known fact that people from Japan live longer than anyone else on the planet. Also, when you visit a Japanese restaurant they have soy in almost everything.

They eat tofu, miso, tempeh, and soy sauce. And, they eat it 3 times a day on average. The people of Japan live the longest on the planet and eat soy all the time and yet somehow, it’s bad for you? That just doesn’t fit at all and makes no sense.

Now, until we introduced the “western diet” of McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc. to Japan, the women there never got breast cancer. The men never got prostate cancer, ever. Based on this data, let’s take a look at why the narrative of soy is bad is untrue.

If you are still unsure yourself that soy is safe to eat, just google longevity in Japan and incidents of breast cancer in Japan prior to the western diet arriving. Look at the diets and cancer rates from 1940’s to today and you will see it clearly.

Eating The Right Food Is Important

Eating The Right Food Is Important

Eating the right food is important but it is not enough to maintain health.

Let’s say you are a complete raw vegan eating really healthy foods daily. However, if you are stressed out all day long, you have to go the bathroom, but you don’t and hold it in and you’re angry and upset, this doesn’t bode well for long term health.

You’re still going to have those bad relationships and the emotional baggage that goes with it and at the end of the day, you are so strung out, you get home and kick the dog. The point is, it is a must to eat a clean, healthy diet.

That’s why eating the right food is important because it does help to minimize some of these negative things happening in your daily life. Without the healthy food, healing is not possible, so it is a must.

You do need more than the healthy food. You need proper sleep, regular exercise where you are moving your body and a positive mindset. You need to remove yourself from negative, toxic relationships and learn to meditate.

This will build a solid foundation for health! If you are dealing with cancer, An Oasis of Healing can help, call us directly at 480-834-5414.

Hydro Colon Cleanse

Hydro Colon Cleanse

How Is a Hydro Colon Cleanse a benefit to your health?
Eating a clean diet, regular exercise and consistent daily healthy habits are so important as it relates to your gut health. However, even living a healthy life is still sometimes not enough.

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, your stomach still feels bloated? Our society eats far too much when it comes to processed foods. And, there aren’t too many people out there who aren’t able to stick to all the healthy habits mentioned above.

Having a hydro colon cleanse gives you a feeling of lightness and improves your overall health in so many different ways. And, just like you need a break every now and then, so does your colon. Giving the colon a break also gives the body a break. What will a hydro colon cleanse do for your body?

For starters, it helps lower the chances of getting colon cancer. Turning fifty years of age is the time when people are supposed to make appointments for a yearly colonoscopy. We, at An Oasis of Healing say, don’t wait until you’re fifty to start caring for your colon!

Do it early and often for optimal health. A hydro colon cleanse helps as a preventative in regards to any illness. So many other health benefits come with doing regular colon cleanses.

Consistent colon cleansing will lessen your chances of having to deal with both constipation and diarrhea. It is true that a dysfunctional colon can lead to these conditions which are draining on the body.

Stay on top of keeping your colon clean on a regular basis. The benefits of true health will be more than worth it!

How To Achieve Full Potential And Inspire Others

How To Achieve Full Potential And Inspire Others

How to achieve full potential and inspire others boils down to basic principles of health. When you exercise regularly, get adequate sleep and of course, eat right, this gives you the sustained willpower to continue to do these things.

If you didn’t get enough sleep and didn’t work out and you’re not in the best of moods, then a person will probably resort to having some coffee. And, while having the coffee, the person will most likely have a piece of toast or a donut. And it goes on from there.

A person would be much more likely to retain the willpower, doing these basic things for health, to resist the coffee, the donut, etc. When you are going to bed early and getting 8 hours of sleep, exercising regularly and eating plant-based raw foods, your drive right by Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s because you’re getting what you need.

And, when you get home at night and see your spouse, now you will have the appropriate compassion to greet them with and not the short temper. With practicing these basic principles of health, achieving your full potential and inspiring others will be impossible to achieve.

Casein Promotes Cancer Growth

Casein Promotes Cancer Growth

Casein promotes cancer growth, and this is why children and adults should no longer be drinking milk. Breast milk from a mother is needed for an infant until the time that it is no longer healthy to do so.

Let’s look at how nature works. The mother of a baby horse let’s the baby drink her milk until such a time when she knows it’s no longer needed and then weans the baby off.

The mother will actually push the baby away. The mother horse won’t allow her baby once it has been weaned, to drink her milk again. Once she has weaned her baby, there is no more milk.

Why does this happen? Reason being is if the baby of the mother horse were to continue to drink milk, it will eventually develop cancer. Milk has a protein called casein and it has been shown to stimulate tumor growth.

If a person were to continue with rapid growth after a period of time, that is what’s called cancer. All mammals wean their babies off milk at a certain age.

We do not, and we choose to ignore nature. We also are battling the powerful dairy industry as they continue to push and promote drinking milk from womb to tomb.

As far as humans, we not only don’t wean our kids off milk, we have them drink the milk of another species, namely cows. Why were cows chosen?

If we wanted to have our kids drink another milk that is close to human milk, shouldn’t we have chosen milk from a Gorilla?

Best Immune System Booster

Best Immune System Booster

The best immune system booster isn’t a pill or a single treatment or therapy. Boosting or waking up the immune system is done in a myriad of ways and you need a knowledgeable and experienced medical team to do this correctly and effectively.

This is why An Oasis of Healing is the only destination for awakening, building up and strengthening the immune system. We have done this successfully for well over a decade now!

Ninety nine percent of the time, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy contributes to the spread of cancer. We know that chemotherapy produces metastasis’s.

When we work with people with cancer, it’s a multi factorial approach. In other words, we need to change your biochemistry so that your body is no longer making a good home for cancer.

How do we do that? We do it with diet, colonics, lymphatics, teach people to go to bed early and meditate, hormone balancing, exercise programs and working with you on your relationships. All of these things and more contribute to your body not producing cancer.

However, this is just one part of it. Another part is how do we get rid of the tumors without causing harm to the body. This is where we use our metabolic therapies like vitamin C, ozone therapy, artesunate, B17, mistletoe, and many others.

Cancer cells and virally infected cells are very good at putting the immune system to sleep. So, the third part of our cancer care program wakes up the immune system, builds it and strengthens it. This involves green juicing, oxidative therapies and yoga and meditation to name a few.

The best immune system booster is an integrative combination of many of the most effective treatments and therapies available today. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Alternative Healing Modalities Assist With Our Holistic Healing Methods

Alternative Healing Modalities Assist With Our Holistic Healing Methods

At An Oasis of Healing we use alternative healing modalities which assist with our Holistic healing methods.

We have 3 foundational parts to our comprehensive cancer care program. The first part is showing and teaching people who visit us to stop making cancer. In the second part, alternative healing modalities are implemented to target cancer. The third part is focused on stimulating our immune system.

One of the healing modalities we administer is insulin potentiated therapy (IPT) or low dose chemotherapy when we deem it as necessary. IPT predates chemotherapy and although it uses drugs, it is very targeted and has only five to ten percent of a standard chemotherapy treatment.

We administer intravenous vitamin c in high doses. We also use intravenous sodium selenite in high doses. Oxidative therapies are part of the overall protocol.

Ozone, UBI or ultraviolet blood irradiation and intravenous hydrogen peroxide are an important part of what we do. Ozone increases oxygenation of the blood which supports and boosts the immune system.

The intravenous vitamin c treatments work their way into our cells and create hydrogen peroxide. Healthy cells are able to use hydrogen peroxide where cancers cells are void of enzymes to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide and die off.

Intravenous vitamin C therapy is nature’s chemotherapy as healthy cells love it and use it. The cancer cells or bad cells can’t survive it.
Sodium Selenite is responsible for producing the superoxide enzyme. Normal healthy cells contain superoxide dismutase versus cancer cells that do not and again, they can’t survive it.

These alternative healing modalities mentioned here and others we use are effective in dealing with cancer. The best part is they contribute zero toxicity to the body.

An Oasis of Healing can help you or a loved one dealing with cancer. Call us directly if you don’t know where to start. We will review with you everything you need to know and show you a step by step protocol that will lessen your anxiety.